TeleTaleem (T2), a social enterprise incorporated in early 2010, is leveraging ICT to connect users with quality learning opportunities across all boundaries. T2’s services portfolio, firmed up by years of practitioner’s input, relevant interventions and validations, is able to serve all education segments – from primary to tertiary and from teacher education to technical education and training.

TeleTaleem is backed by Comcept, a technology driven business group with exposure in designing and implementing ICT products and services in the telecom sector. Comcept’s founders created T2 to respond to the challenges being faced by the education sector in Pakistan; providing the initial capital, design and implementation support and other formative inputs to fast track the development of T2. In 2012, Asian Development Bank decided to invest in T2, to fund the second stage of business growth.

T2 has explored the education landscape to discover possible challenges and opportunities. Solution and business strategy has been developed and refined over the years to address these challenges, leveraging technology enabled education service delivery. T2 has executed an extended validation cycle to put all assumptions and offerings to customer trials and feedback, covering a broad spectrum of primary to tertiary school systems, teacher education and training institutions in both public and private sectors, with a good mix of users in urban and rural settings. Guided by the user experience and expectations, technology and operations support requirements and other related factors, business strategy and product/service offerings have been finalized and then launched.

Till date, T2 has worked with about 4,000 schools, impacting over 6,000 teacher and 300,000 children, under various interventions. With these milestones in place and the tangible opportunities being pursued, T2 is ideally poised to mainstream its initiatives to achieve the next level of growth in the foreseeable future.