Learning Mela

Learning Mela is a bouquet of enrichment services, designed to improve student motivation and soft skills in a self-contained intervention format. LM combines ICT technology with 21st century interactive and fun learning activities to take children beyond the classroom and immerse them in an informal fun based learning experience.

LM offers one-day events/camps offering exposure to science, math and/or reading activities, designed to improve critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills; enhance creativity and innovation; improve communication and team work; and reinforce personal and social responsibilities.


Product Features

  • Teacher guides are provided to teachers
  • One day camps covering one of the three thematic areas; i.e. Reading, Math and Science.
  • Camps include Story telling, puppet shows and role play
  • Concept-related games and activities
  • Model building and conducting experiments
  • Children view tablet based interactive content and educational content

 Key Benefits

  • Seeds critical thinking and problem solving skills in children based on reasoning and proof.
  • Develops inquiry and activity based learning
  • Enrichment activities boost the student’s skills, attitude and content knowledge.
  • Child is engaged through fun filled activities, prompting learning in an inspirational manner
  • Teacher is involved and enabled to replicate these camps independently.
  • Unique self-contained mode of intervention delivery with zero reliance on school’s facilities and resources.

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