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Sajid Hussain teacher of grade 2 English at GPA Hasari Balakot, KPK. The area has a small number of schools, which are not well equipped and are poorly funded by the government. Last year I attended a teachers training program offered by Teletaleem in collaboration with DFID. I learned new techniques and teaching methods, which I was eager to apply on my students.


Arshad bibi was my student who belonged to a lower middle class family; her parents were illiterate and struggled to keep up with their daughter’s education. Arshad bibi was a very weak student and due to her problems at home, she found it difficult to concentrate. I started to apply the techniques learned at Teletaleem and saw a dramatic improvement in her performance. Now she is learning more easily, retained more of what was taught and was over all a very active student in my class. Arshad bibi also managed to secure first position in her annual exams, which was a great success and honour for me.


I believe that the support we received from Teletaleem and DFID has helped immensely to improve lives of these children, who not only struggle to attain the basic necessities of life but also education, which is a right of every child. I’m glad that Teletaleem and DFID intervened and helped secure the future of these children.


DFID aims to improve the standard of education in Pakistan. DFID expects to reach out in remote area of Pakistan and help promote education. In the next few years, DFID will focus on helping provide quality education with such programs in collaboration with Teletaleem.





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