“TeleTaleem and Ilm Ideas keep dreams of a little girl battling heart illness alive in hope of becoming a heart surgeon one day.”

I, d/o Muhammad Ilyas was studying in Government primary school Shamoli Balakot. I am a heart patient and due to my illness, I was unable to attend the school or continue with my studies. I often used to stay absent from my school due to excessive use of medicines and its side effects. I was everyone’s favorite student and my classmates used to take care of me like their own sister. I started losing interest in my studies due to old teaching methodologies and my illness.


TeleTaleem, supported by Ilm Ideas started an online training program in which teachers were introduced to activity-based teaching. Once teachers introduced these activities, students started taking active interest in their study and started learning in fun ways. I also started taking interest in my studies. Moreover, above all the other things, now I remember all the mathematical terms more easily retaining more of what was taught during activity based learning. In spite of my health problem, now I really want to come school daily because now learning is fun for me. Now I am motivated enough to become a heart surgeon one day and is already looking forward to it. As we belong to a middle class family and we don’t have this much money to spend on tuitions. Such programs are very important for our teachers so that we can clearly understand all the concepts at school without any extra help.



I recommend Teletaleem and DFID to organize such programs for our teachers on regular basis. Ilm on wheels project gave a strong motivation to our teachers to learn better techniques in order to deliver different concepts. Ilm on wheels program not only motivated our teachers to teach better but also motivated them to volunteer as a trainer for the other teachers.

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