Teletaleem made my students' understanding better then before

When I look at my students I see my reflection in them and I am reminded of my child hood and the time when I was a student .I vividly remember my problems as a student because I was taught in a traditional style which is still practiced in most of the schools even today. I always desired special attention in class from my teachers and that I should be treated as an individual but it never happened. I have been teaching for the past 10 years and I used to teach my students in the same manner in which I was taught. There was a gap between me and my students. I was not fully trained and do not have good grip on my subject and I was unaware of new techniques of teaching because of which my students were not interested in taking my class.


After attending this training program of Teletaleem, my pedagogical skills have been improved and now I am more confident. My knowledge has also been enhanced. The book bank provided by Teletaleem was a source of knowledge for me and my students. Now my students are happy and satisfied with the new learning techniques. Now they are pronouncing all phonics correctly and are able to easily read new and difficult words. There is a healthy change in my class room environment. The gap between me and my students no longer exist. My students are happy and satisfied and their conduct and behavior has also become very encouraging.