Science Camps

Girls attending Government primary schools in Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), are experiencing a new wave of scientific learning. Around 7,000 girls from 70 schools, attend innovatively structured science camps (SC) arranged in their school premises every 4 weeks.

SC connects these children with interactive and engaging experiments and activities, taking them beyond the classroom to an informal fun filled learning environment. The activities are designed to enrich their scientific knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving skills and motivation. SC’s mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children and their teachers, which is becoming vividly noticeable in these schools in Nowshera.

SC is delivered by a team of four facilitators and a camp supervisor, using School Garee (SG) to organize the camp at any school location. SG is equipped with relevant camp material including books, tablets, models, props and consumables. Multiple activity centers are set up, attended by groups of children being coached by the facilitators. SC concludes with all the children watching a puppet show, which presents some conceptual clarity and/or social messaging of significance. School teachers are encouraged to participate in the SC event and are specifically briefed on how to replicate these activities on their own.

SC is being implemented by Comcept in collaboration with TeleTaleem, funded under the Sub-National Governance (SNG) Program, a joint initiative of DFID and KP Government. The intervention schools have been selected by KP’s Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education.