Procurement Notices

TeleTaleem intends to procure following equipment.

  • Laptop (Qty-155)
  • LED TV 43 inch (Qty-155)
  • Desktop PC (Qty-25)
  • LED Monitor 24/25 inch (Qty-25)
  • Echo Canceller (Qty-185)
  • Digital Writing Pad (Qty-185)
  • Huawei Android Tablets (Qty-150)
  • Handheld Wireless Mic (Qty-155)
  • PC Web Cams (Qty-207)
  • Speakers Wall Mount (Qty-157)
  • UPS 2 KVA (Qty-185)
  • Batteries 180 Amp (Qty-314)
  • Other Peripherals and Accessories (Different Quantities)

Request for Quotation document including detailed specifications and Equipment Bill of Quantities can be downloaded from this link. Download RFQ

Updated RFQ with Tablets included. Download Updated RFQ

Date of Submission Extended till 5 PM, on Monday, 28th August 2017.

Contact TeleTaleem IT department for any clarification, in case required. The contacts are provided in the RFQ Document