FDE Blended Learning Project

TeleTaleem signed a contract with the Federal Directorate of Education, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training in April 2021 to implement Blended E-Learning Project in 40 Classrooms of the Federal Capital, Islamabad, covering both urban and rural schools in the region. The project aims to improve the learning outcomes of students in Grades 9 and 10 in subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Some key features of the project are highlighted below;

  • School Teachers are being assisted by technology and digital content to transform the teaching-learning practice inside the classroom.
  • Blended learning classrooms have been set up with appropriate ICT equipment and learning management platforms to host the content (offline in school), viewed on large screen format.
  • Teachers have been appropriately trained in the use of this advanced learning methodology.
  • 12 Android tablets per class have been provided, so that students can access digital content in groups, use interactive practice tests and over time build their learner profile.
  • Students/teachers are able to sync relevant content to their tablets/phones and take it home as well for self-paced learning.
  • Bi-monthly online teacher training sessions have been regularly conducted throughout the project duration of 2 years.
  • During these sessions, existing school teachers have been provided ongoing support enabling them to take full advantage of the blended learning solution deployed in classrooms.
  • Digital OMR-based assessments have been conducted for regular student testing.
  • Learning performance data including completion of various learning activities and assessment data synced with the cloud for reporting, accessible through a customizable reporting dashboard to Schools, Area officials, FDE, and other stakeholders.