National Reading and Math Challenge

TeleTaleem is pleased to announce the launch of “National Reading and Math Challenge” to be held between October – May 2020. The challenge will comprise of several stages, culminating in a final National Competition among schools and children winning from regional challenges. The contest is open to children in Grades 5-6.

Reading and Mathematics are foundations of learning. Reading skills also play an important role in improving math skills in children. Children with higher Reading and Math skills go on to become better learners in higher grades. National Reading and Math Challenge aims to bring national focus on developing higher competencies in Reading and Math specially as children transition from primary to middle schools.

  • Encourages students to strive for excellence in Reading and Mathematics
  • Discover Reading and Mathematics talent among students
  • Independent third party testing to ensure impartiality, reliability and validity
  • Recognition for Children, Teachers and Schools across various categories and regions
  • Prizes and nationwide exposure to winners in various categories

We invite your school to register for this challenge by nominating maximum children from your school. Registering as a school is more advantageous as it enables your school to compete with other schools and earn recognition at national level. It is also more cost effective (on a per child basis) to register as a school. As an added benefit, registered schools will be able to access TeleTaleem’s open enrollment training programs for teachers for free or at highly subsidized rates.

  • Registration Fee (for schools) – upto 20 children: PKR 6,000
  • Registration Fee (Individual Student): PKR 500

Registered schools will be provided an outline of content areas which will be covered in the test. Test samples will also be provided for schools to do some in-house practice.

Winning schools and children will be recognized at Regional and National level. Certificates and cash prizes will be awarded to winning schools under different categories.


Content Coverage Outline for Math

Standardized math test covering domains of Number sense and numeration, Measurement, Geometry and spatial sense, and Information Handling.

  • Numbers and arithmetic operations
  • HCF and LCM
  • Fractions
  • Decimals and Percentages
  • Unitary method
  • Distance time and temperature
  • Perimeter and area
  • Geometry
  • Information Handling

Content Coverage Outline for Reading

Reading and Thinking Skills, Writing Skills, Oral Communication Skills, Formal and Lexical Aspects of Language

  • Reading Comprehension; Factual, Critical Thinking, Interpretation, Evaluation, Mind Maps, Picture sequence, Pronouns and transitional devices
  • Punctuation, Diphthongs, Types of paragraphs
  • Formulaic expressions
  • Ending consonant blends, Adjectives, Adverbs, Regular, Irregular, Abstract Nouns, Types of sentences, Anagrams, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Use of Indefinite Articles, Action verbs, Simple future tense, Quantitative Adjectives