Sumera Sheraz

"There are no trained teachers in Noshera for science subject. TeleTaleem played an important role to fill the gap between the bookish knowledge and concept learning given through practical activities.The initiative taken by Teletaleem is very beneficial and such camps should be organized all over Pakistan. With the Teletaleem science camps, a drastic change has been observed in the students. Before this activity the students weren't interested in learning science, after the introduction of tablets, it motivated the students to take interest in the subject itself. Now we don’t hesitate to teach any concept as it was before due to lack of resources. TeleTaleem’s briefing helped us learn and use different household items as props to be used as teaching instruments.
I request Teletaleem to give proper training to every science teacher in Noshera especially Primary schools to act as a bridge between books and teachers. I am also interested in volunteering at TeleTaleem in future so she I can equally contribute towards improving quality of education in Pakistan."

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