Ahtasham Sarwar

"No doubt, teletaleem played a very vital role in my life. It not only helped me to enhance my knowledge but also helped me to be more confident. Teletaleem provided us with one of the best training session which is perfect for today's competitive and challenging world because of its highly qualified Master trainers and staff members. After introducing the TeleTaleem Numeracy Boost Teacher Training Program, its content, activities, videos, games, tablets, math kit and formative assessment in the sessions, a positive change in my attitude was observed. And this positive attitude was not only observed in my attitude but also observed in the attitude of my students.
It's all by the grace of Almighty Allah and Teletaleem that today I am honored to be part of such useful training which will be a positive contribution for the improvement of the quality of education in Pakistan. INSHA’ALLAH"

Mandi Bahauddin
Grade 2 teacher
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