Education Data Management System – EDMS

This project was implemented by TeleTaleem in collaboration with DSD, Government of the Punjab and Sub-national Governance program me with support from the UK’s Department for International Development.

EDMS was implemented to focus on effective assessment of students/teachers, in order to use analyzed results to take targeted measures like designing need-based trainings for teachers, relevant training content for enhancing capacity of schools for improvement in students’ learning achievements. It was also introduced to transform the educational data, already being collected, into actionable knowledge that can be used to improve outcomes and track information over the years.

Critical Issues

  • Monthly assessments of 2.8 Million children by DSD in 37,000 primary schools in Punjab.
  • Valuable data was scattered across desktops,CDs, DVDs and other formats and as such was of little use.
  • No central data repository or warehouse for analysis or reporting was available
  •  There was limited visibility for stakeholders
  • There was lack of historical trending, reflection and prediction capability
  • There was lack of cross referencing with other data sets like from PMIU, PEC etc.
  • There was no integration with EMIS for holistic reporting


  • EDMS provided customized dashboard and reporting functionality based on the role of the user
  • It also tailored the access to ensure privacy and data security.
  • It also provided data access to teachers regarding their own classroom and students.
  • Schools, districts and provincial administrators were also given student achievement data to track trends and compare performance of teachers, schools and districts.
  • Optional integration with mobile service will automatically send assessment results to parents, teachers and education officials.

Target Areas and Beneficiaries

  • Approx 1,500 Schools in Sheikhupura in the Pilot Phase
  • Benefited 4,500 teachers, 1,500 head teachers/principals
  • 114 District Teacher Educators
  • Approx 150,000 children
  • District and Provincial Education Officials

EDMS resulted a central data repository for all learning related educational data.A system that helped to retrieve and consolidate information, made it available for exploration, visualization, and business intelligence. It also enabled Graphical reporting-tools for real-time, or near real-time, representation of meaningful metrics and success indicators for school, teacher and student achievement. It also made it possible for SED to cross reference data collected by DSD/PMIU/PEC, Compare trends in children’s learning achievement and teachers’ performance by tracking an individual child or a teacher throughout his/her academic journey.