Learning Boost is a holistic program that leverages multiple new dimensions in teaching-learning to achieve exceptional gains in teacher competencies and student outcomes. LB incorporates innovative ICT assisted teacher training and evaluation, use of content, student learning and assessment practice and parental engagement. The program is specifically designed to seamlessly deliver interventions to any location in Pakistan, supported by different modes of connectivity and access devices. LB is highly customizable, in terms of functionality, packaging and content, to cater to varying customer requirements.


The program is currently focused on enhanced teacher-student competencies in early to primary grade literacy and numeracy, but can be rapidly positioned to address pre-primary and/or middle and higher grade levels. LB Lite, a product variant specifically designed for private school systems offers reduced set of activities primarily covering teacher training and evaluation.


  • Just-in-time trainings delivered incrementally and closest to teacher’s place of duty
  • Covers full spectrum of core competencies for Grade K-10
  • Continuous and automated student assessment and teacher evaluation
  • Exposure to innovative learning material for students and teacher
  • Online access to assessment reports by Education Managers; compiled student-wise, SLO-wise and school wise
  • Strong community action going beyond school premises and timings
  • Instant feedback and reporting
  • Scalable and sustainable ICT-enabled service delivery


  • Holistic training program addressing multiple learning strands
  • Standardized assessments to benchmark improvement in student learning outcomes
  • Extended outreach with assured delivery everywhere and every time