Saira Ali

" My decision to attend the Teletaleem’s Numeracy Boost training program wasn't an easy one to make; the thoughts of new people, different learning system and new environment were all frightening. I was quite anxious about the way this training program will work and the learning of new pedagogues. But to my surprise Teachers training program turned out to be one of my greatest and most enriching experiences in terms of learning, skill development and skill diversification.
The program no doubt was rigorous but the master trainers of teletaleem were very motivating. They gave personal attention to each participant. Not only were they theoretical but also experiential. Both the master trainers as well as the staff made the learning experience enjoyable and intellectual. The use of tablet has been the best one in this training. This training program not only made me better academically but also helped me test my capabilities to further excel in this teaching field."

Mandi Bahauddin
Grade 2 Teacher
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