Rapid Assessment Service provides an independent diagnostic benchmarking of students and teacher’s learning achievements for the consumption of school administrators, school owners and education managers. RAS benchmarks individual student and teacher performance within a school and can also be used for comparison with other similar schools or school systems to judge relative performance. Administered at the start and end of the school year, RAS establishes the learning gains achieved by any school, which can then help set targets for coming years.

RAS uses an innovative and self-contained mobile assessment platform to conduct testing, supporting instant grading and sharing of results. Assessments are available for multiple grades and multiple languages, using android tablets for test conduction.

RAS Lite, a lower cost variant of RAS, supports OMR based printed test instruments for test conduction with results being available with a certain time-lag.

   Key Features

  • Independent diagnostic or standardized assessment of students’ learning achievements.
  • Tests are conducted using android tablets or OMR based printed test sheets
  • Automated grading and instant sharing of student result
  • Assessments available for Grade 2 Urdu, English and Maths and Grade 4 – 10 all key subjects, aligned with national curriculum.
  • Use of standardized EGRA & EGMA assessment instruments
  • Assessment of teacher’s learning achievement is also supported.

 Key Benefits

  • External third-party assessment with ability to compare across different schools/school system
  • Streamlines the assessment process for schools and teachers, void of any teacher bias
  • Real-time administration of tests and collection of result
  • Provides external audit of teachers’ competencies and performance
  • Unique self-contained mode of test administration with zero reliance on school’s facilities/resources.