Ali Institute of EducationDirectorDirectorAli Institute of Education “As an early adapter of TeleTaleem’e e-learning service, AIE is now poised to leverage the service to extend its reach to distant semi-urban and rural areas of Punjab and Sindh, by providing high quality trainings to teachers through AIE’s master trainers… anywhere, anytime.. resulting in more frequent interactive collaboration between all stakeholders.”


Grade 5 student“Six months ago I was struggling with even basic concepts and had lost interest. Now I love math thanks to TeleTaleem, my teacher and innovative fun teaching methods. I have improved in all my subjects including math and am on my way to Middle School. Teletaleem restored my belief in miracles!!!!”


Grade 5 math studentHaripur”I love TeleTaleem tutoring program. It helped me so much when I am not able to get help at home with homework. I had an outstanding experience with the tutor for my math session. He was so professional, organized and clear. After attending this tutoring session, my confidence has increased in giving tests. Thanks for all the help.


Grade 5 TeacherSchool GPS 519 EB- Vehari”TeleTaleem teacher’s training program was a unique experience. We as teachers had the opportunity to learn from the trained master trainers, and I loved the variety of different activities and different perspectives. It is impossible to go over every minute detail of every concept in a limited amount of time, but I feel that Learning Boost program offered a wide breadth of comprehensive information about concepts and teaching while still going in depth where it really counts. Highly recommended.”


Grade 5 TeacherSchool GGPS PathanTeleTaleem training program was very advanced. Practical assignments contributed a lot in my learning.Each teacher got tablet for practice which really helped us in learning new concepts. It is very important to do practice in order to clear the concepts of our students. Training system was very good. It helped to improve my personality as well as overall aspects towards life. The trainers were very cooperative. Participation certificates were also awarded to us which really increased our morale. Overall, a very good experience.”


Grade 2 LB teacherSchool GGPS NO 2-Haripur“I enjoyed every minute of the TeleTaleem Teacher Training program .What a wonderful, intense, and rewarding experience.I would highly recommend the training to anyone who has a passion for teaching and wants to deepen his or her practice and knowledge. I learned so much more than I anticipated, and the training inspired me to expand my knowledge of my subject even further. We had experienced trainers who guided us in this journey and taught us a variety of specialty topics. I am so thankful for all they have taught us.”


Grade 2 NB TeacherHaripur”I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the TeleTaleem teacher training experience. It was truly well-rounded and challenging. I have learned a lot many new things but even more importantly, I learned a lot about what is to be my own teaching style. I am so lucky that we had such an incredible training staff working with us and sharing their knowledge and experiences. Each and every teacher truly inspired me in unique ways and trained me more than I could have ever imagined possible in just six months .My trainer shared various teaching techniques, encouraging me to try and find my own personal style. Thank you so much!”


Grade 2 LB TeacherHaripur“I would just like to say thank you TeleTaleem for the wonderful experience I had on the training. Aside from the trained and supportive trainers, I was so impressed with the structure and content of the course. Even when it felt like there was so much work to do, I always felt secure and confident that we would be provided with everything we needed to achieve what we set out to. It was exciting to practice every concept so intensively. The amount of information we absorbed is really mind-blowing. School Garee of Teletaleem also had a great impact on this training. Such training should be organized for all the subjects.”


Grade 5 studentHaripur”The best thing was the vast knowledge of the tutor which was been shared to us every time. Overall a very good experience. Learned a lot and more than expectations, all doubts were cleared very well. Helped a lot in doing difficult problems through out the subject.Tutor’s experience helped a lot in learning new things and troubleshooting.”


Grade 2 NB TeacherVehari“Training with TeleTaleem is a lifelong investment in my future. The trainers provided countless insights and direction. With this training, I feel equipped to teach math in an accurate, engaging and helpful way … I enthusiastically recommend this course to anyone who is considering teaching Math.”