ADB Technical Assistance to TeleTaleem

ADB’s Private Sector Division, under a partnership arrangement with ‘Project Preparatory Technical Assistance’ (PPTA) package, directly sourcing consulting inputs to enable pre-launch project preparatory activities. In Jan 2012, PPTA was kicked off spanning a two year period, expending 190 person months of consulting inputs to cover a full scale market research, redefining technology and content strategy, product/service validations and defining a communication strategy leading up to the preparation of a 5 year business plan by KPMG. ADB was the executing agency of this PPTA, responsible for consultant recruitment, oversight, monitoring and evaluation, carried out in close coordination with the TeleTaleem team. The PPTA work plan was prepared in consultation with T2, to be implemented in three phases:

a) Situation/Gap Analysis (approx. 8 months),
b)  Technical and financial feasibility (approx. 6 months),
c) Program design and validation (approx. 7 months)

Consulting firm assignments were divided into five packages covering areas of Design, Management and Research, Systems Development, Learning and Content Development, and Business Planning and Marketing. The assignment scope included services of 4 independent consultants, providing lead advisory services in the area of technology, education, eLearning and communication.

The detailed research and situation analysis was contracted out to DECH, an independent research and consulting firm. Research included two key components. First component focused on understanding and analyzing all stakeholders that may benefit or be affected by the availability of advanced learning solutions. Secondly the stakeholder analysis was followed by an in-depth gap analysis and needs identification exercise aimed at establishing a better understanding of the present situation, issues, requirements and opportunities relating to innovative learning technologies and e-Learning in Pakistan. The research included both qualitative and quantitative analysis conducted through workshops, meetings with leading practitioners and focused group discussions. A nationwide survey was also conducted to validate and probe gaps identified.

Most of the implementations and system configurations were managed by TeleTaleem design team and pilot operations were done in close collaboration with the Learning team. Learning team collaborated in proposing learning methodologies, designing learning objects, sourcing e-content. Interventions were piloted and evaluated by their team, which included teachers, trainers and relevant facilitators.

In 2014 White Rice, a leading media firm developed overall communication strategy of TeleTaleem and specific breakdown of the same for each of the services. This work included special emphasis on the inclusion of web and social media presence and marketing.

PPTA culminated in the development of a 5 year business plan, including a detailed marketing plan, mapping TeleTaleem’s services portfolio to public and private market segments in the education vertical. KPMG started off by understanding TeleTaleem’s portfolio of education services and identification and validation of key education segments and sub-segments. Revenue and cost models were developed, working in tandem with TeleTaleem’s marketing and operations team. A detailed financial model was developed to simulate possible business scenarios and market dynamics.