Teletaleem made my students’ understanding better then before

When I look at my students I see my reflection in them and I am reminded of my child hood and the time when I was a student .I vividly remember my problems as a student because I was taught in a traditional style which is still practiced in most of the schools even today. I always desired special attention in class from my teachers and that I should be treated as an individual but it never happened. I have been teaching for the past 10 years and I used to teach my students in the same manner in which I was taught. There was a gap between me and my students. I was not fully trained and do not have good grip on my subject and I was unaware of new techniques of teaching because of which my students were not interested in taking my class.

After attending this training program of Teletaleem, my pedagogical skills have been improved and now I am more confident. My knowledge has also been enhanced. The book bank provided by Teletaleem was a source of knowledge for me and my students. Now my students are happy and satisfied with the new learning techniques. Now they are pronouncing all phonics correctly and are able to easily read new and difficult words. There is a healthy change in my class room environment. The gap between me and my students no longer exist. My students are happy and satisfied and their conduct and behavior has also become very encouraging.StudentTeacher

“TeleTaleem and Ilm Ideas keep dreams of a little girl battling heart illness alive in hope of becoming a heart surgeon one day.”

I, d/o Muhammad Ilyas was studying in Government primary school Shamoli Balakot. I am a heart patient and due to my illness, I was unable to attend the school or continue with my studies. I often used to stay absent from my school due to excessive use of medicines and its side effects. I was everyone’s favorite student and my classmates used to take care of me like their own sister. I started losing interest in my studies due to old teaching methodologies and my illness.

TeleTaleem, supported by Ilm Ideas started an online training program in which teachers were introduced to activity-based teaching. Once teachers introduced these activities, students started taking active interest in their study and started learning in fun ways. I also started taking interest in my studies. Moreover, above all the other things, now I remember all the mathematical terms more easily retaining more of what was taught during activity based learning. In spite of my health problem, now I really want to come school daily because now learning is fun for me. Now I am motivated enough to become a heart surgeon one day and is already looking forward to it. As we belong to a middle class family and we don’t have this much money to spend on tuitions. Such programs are very important for our teachers so that we can clearly understand all the concepts at school without any extra help.

I recommend Teletaleem and DFID to organize such programs for our teachers on regular basis. Ilm on wheels project gave a strong motivation to our teachers to learn better techniques in order to deliver different concepts. Ilm on wheels program not only motivated our teachers to teach better but also motivated them to volunteer as a trainer for the other teachers.Student

TeacherNever too late to chase Success

KPK faces a number of issues related to security and gender equality. As far as the education is concerned, gender bias affects both the female teachers and students. Female teachers have limited in-service teacher trainings because out-station travel is severely restricted due to social and cultural constraints.

Ilm-on-wheels program was an innovation by Teletaleem under the collaboration with DFID which was implemented in Balakot, KPK. 46 teachers Balakot government school were trained through this program. My teacher Ms Safina also attended above mentioned training.

I often remained absent from my math class and I displayed no interest whatsoever in my studies. My teacher, Ms.Safina tried to make a lot of effort by engaging me in different sessions to find a common ground in aiding my tutoring. She tried giving me extra sessions and lessons to improve my performance but to her dismay, nothing seemed to work. My parents informed Ms.Safina that I find it hard to understand and implement even the basic mathematical concepts, which led towards me failing my annual examination last year.

Ms. Safina started incorporating the skills acquired during Teletaleem training in her classroom. She introduced Interesting activities like; lattice method for multiplication, use of hands for learning tables, add and move activity for fractions, Tan gram construction for geometry, videos related to mathematical concepts and examples from real life led me to learn easily and indulged my interest in the subject itself. Ms.Safina is quite pleased with my performance lately and expects me to improve even more with time and methods introduced by TeleTaleem. My parents are also optimistic about better result in the upcoming examination.Student


The secret to getting ahead is getting started!!

Sajid Hussain teacher of grade 2 English at GPA Hasari Balakot, KPK. The area has a small number of schools, which are not well equipped and are poorly funded by the government. Last year I attended a teachers training program offered by Teletaleem in collaboration with DFID. I learned new techniques and teaching methods, which I was eager to apply on my students.

Arshad bibi was my student who belonged to a lower middle class family; her parents were illiterate and struggled to keep up with their daughter’s education. Arshad bibi was a very weak student and due to her problems at home, she found it difficult to concentrate. I started to apply the techniques learned at Teletaleem and saw a dramatic improvement in her performance. Now she is learning more easily, retained more of what was taught and was over all a very active student in my class. Arshad bibi also managed to secure first position in her annual exams, which was a great success and honour for me.

I believe that the support we received from Teletaleem and DFID has helped immensely to improve lives of these children, who not only struggle to attain the basic necessities of life but also education, which is a right of every child. I’m glad that Teletaleem and DFID intervened and helped secure the future of these children.

DFID aims to improve the standard of education in Pakistan. DFID expects to reach out in remote area of Pakistan and help promote education. In the next few years, DFID will focus on helping provide quality education with such programs in collaboration with Teletaleem.