Never too late to chase Success

KPK faces a number of issues related to security and gender equality. As far as the education is concerned, gender bias affects both the female teachers and students. Female teachers have limited in-service teacher trainings because out-station travel is severely restricted due to social and cultural constraints.


Ilm-on-wheels program was an innovation by Teletaleem under the collaboration with DFID which was implemented in Balakot, KPK. 46 teachers Balakot government school were trained through this program. My teacher Ms Safina also attended above mentioned training.


I often remained absent from my math class and I displayed no interest whatsoever in my studies. My teacher, Ms.Safina tried to make a lot of effort by engaging me in different sessions to find a common ground in aiding my tutoring. She tried giving me extra sessions and lessons to improve my performance but to her dismay, nothing seemed to work. My parents informed Ms.Safina that I find it hard to understand and implement even the basic mathematical concepts, which led towards me failing my annual examination last year.


Ms. Safina started incorporating the skills acquired during Teletaleem training in her classroom. She introduced Interesting activities like; lattice method for multiplication, use of hands for learning tables, add and move activity for fractions, Tan gram construction for geometry, videos related to mathematical concepts and examples from real life led me to learn easily and indulged my interest in the subject itself. Ms.Safina is quite pleased with my performance lately and expects me to improve even more with time and methods introduced by TeleTaleem. My parents are also optimistic about better result in the upcoming examination.






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